Diabetic – $73 per day

If you have a diabetic dog you will already be aware of how important it is for your dog to have its insulin injection at exactly the same time every day.

This is why our medication is charted & given at specific times. It is also important that if required injections are given 12hrs apart. We also track your furry ones food intake and weight as this can impact on insulin dosage.

It is essential for your dog to keep active which is why our “Diabetic Dog” care package includes 2 x 1/4hr fun activities per day, like bushwalks, play yard time or splashing in our water fun park. Also included are the insulin injections and any other medication your dog may require & food from home. (You will need to provide own needles & insulin)

So you can feel comforted knowing that senior staff will be providing not only a fantastic, fun loving holiday for your pet but also making sure everything goes smoothly on the medication front.

Note – Akuna’s acceptance of a diabetic dog for holiday care is done on a case by case basis. This means an assessment will need to take pace prior to booking your dog’s holiday.